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FILMN Studios provides a large array of creative digital media services and solutions. With a primary focus on cinematic storytelling; quality and purpose is paramount.

We are a crew of passionate creatives based in Perth, relentless in our pursuit for excellence. Each of our productions are individually crafted to achieve business growth and success for our clients by way of astounding visuals and creative concepts. 

More than just a camera

Why Pick Us?

High quality and professionally constructed media solutions are key to online presence and marketing, but is often costly. It is our job to ensure that you are at ease knowing your investment delivers results while remaining affordable to satisfy most budgets.

Keep all of your creative services in one place, FILMN Studios specialise in: video production, photography, and website solutions and creation.  

Communicating meaning and purpose through the medium of film is our profession. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of modern media help us to plan ahead for maximum effectiveness in all facets of our services. By utilising the latest tools and techniques, we offer professional grade video production, photography and website solution services at unrivaled pricing.

The Director

Jordan Hennessy

My name is Jordan and I am a born storyteller. From the age of 8, I have been studying and mastering the art of film and modern media. This has since been validated by attaining my Bachelors Degree in Film. To compliment this accreditation, my entrepreneurial nature has inevitably motivated me to further my skills into many other aspects of media. My skills extend, but are not limited to: camera operation, post-production, visual effects and compositing, animation, graphic design, web design, and computer engineering.

I am the primary project director at FILMN Studios, while also working as a camera operator and co-producer for both Sky News and Fox Sports. The love I have for my job is evident which allows me to approach my work with fresh ideas and provide exponentially better results. I am consistently commended on my professionalism and the refreshing approach that I take towards my work. Passion can’t be imitated.

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